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McGehee Arkansas Man Leads Police On 2 Am Chase Through Desha County Arkansas

Mugshot of Derrick Devine courtesy of Desha County Sheriff Mitch Grant

At approximately 2:00 a.m. this morning Deputy Wayna Green attempted to make a traffic stop on a passenger car in McGehee. After stopping the vehicle and speaking with the driver, who was identified as Derrick Devine of McGehee, and smelling the odor of intoxicants, Devine decided to flee the scene. As Deputy Green gave chase, Devine recklessly drove through several neighborhoods, before traveling east on Hwy 4. Deputy Green was joined by several McGehee Police City Units. Together, units were able to implement a rolling roadblock to end the dangerous pursuit. After having evaded the Police on several prior occasions, Devine was taken into custody. Devine was found to have multiple felony and misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. Additionally, he was charged with DWI, fleeing, and reckless driving. We want to thank Sgt. Mark Harmon, Cpl. Chris Hawkins, and Officer Darius Barnes for their assistance to capture Devine.

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