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McGehee Arkansas Police Department Welcomes Three New Officers

Sometime ago we decided to rebuild our Auxillary Police Force, and started taking applications from individuals that were willing to volunteer their time to help keep the citizens of McGehee safe. After conducting several interviews, we selected the four best candidates: Colten Snow, Gary Beatty, Michael Araguz, and Jonathan Cowen. Snow, Beatty, and Araguz began their training in May of 2022 by starting the nearly 100 hours of classroom work, where such topics as criminal law, interview techniques, and accident investigation were covered. While Cowen, who was already certified, began preparing for his first tour as an Auxillary Police Officer. Upon completion of the classroom portion of the required training they began the practical exercise portion where they trained on the proper use of firearms, handcuffing, defensive tactics, building searches, and first-aid. After several weeks of training, these officers completed their training on June 25th, and on June 28th they were sworn in as the inaugural members of the McGehee Police Department’s Auxillary Police Force. Please join us in welcoming these men to the department. Well done, gentlemen!

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