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McGehee Arkansas Police Officer Tyler Perry Awarded A Citation of Merit

On 01/03/2022 Officer Tyler Perry’s quick action and professionalism most likely saved the life of a fellow citizen. When responding a call, in reference to a shooting victim he acted without hesitation and applied a tourniquet to the injured leg of the victim. Additionally, he had enough professionalism and composure to ensure that the scene was secure before emergency medical services arrived. He ignored the danger and did what heroes do; he entered the scene intent on saving lives. These actions took a great deal of courage and composure, and it resulted in a life that was saved.

Then on 01/05/2022 Officer Perry responded to a call where a child was reportedly thrown from a moving vehicle. Upon arriving on the scene, he was confronted with a large group of angry individuals that were upset about the incident. In the face of over whelming odds, Ofc. Perry maintained his professionalism and composure and was able bring a very chaotic and dangerous situation under control without incident. Ofc. Perry is a real asset to the McGehee Police Department and the City of McGehee.
For the great work that Ofc. Perry has done, he was awarded a Citation of Merit for services rendered above and beyond the call of duty.

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