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Message From Lincoln County AR OEM

Good morning! We are hard at it again this morning in an attempt to bandaid roads until the real work can begin.

That being said, we absolutely love the community and your willingness to to do whatever it takes to help us and eachother! But in issues such as this, I can’t stress enough how important it is to let the Road Department handle the road repairs.

We completely understand the need to get in and out of the roads you use every day and we are doing our dead level best to get to you as fast as possible. In most occasions, it does help us to see our community members lending a helping hand. However when the crews come out to fix an area, even if it’s just temporary, they do things a certain way so that it will last until they can install a more permanent solution.

Going behind our crews trying to fine tune things or hit a spot they might have missed, creates a host of problems. There is a certain danger and liability that puts you and your equipment at risk and Lincoln County will not be responsible should anything like that happen. When someone tries to help our road crews, while done with good intentions, it does more harm than good. This causes us to use manpower and materials that are needed elsewhere.

In light of everything, we appreciate you so much! But please bear with us and we will do everything we can to get things back to normal.

Thank you Lincoln County and God Bless! đź’™

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