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Modern Day Superheroes By Molly Regalado, MHS Journalism

Itś not everyday that superheros show up to attend classes at MHS. On September 28, the MHS student body was a little confused upon seeing a group of football players walking into school wearing capes. What the students did not know was that the players’ intentions were to make one particular classmate feel included after a not-so-nice encounter.

Most people wear what they feel comfortable in or what makes them feel good. Last week, sophomore Aiden Hall wore a cape to school. Aiden has always had an obsession with Superman and feels happiest donning a Superman cape. While walking to school in his cape, a group of kids pointed and laughed at him. Feeling insecure, he took the cape off. “I feel like I am misunderstood all the time. I just try to fit in, but I get nervous. I feel like people are making fun of me, and sometimes I can’t control my temper,” said Aiden.

After the day was over, senior Riley Williams, Billie football player, decided to make sure Aiden knew he was supported even if it felt like he wasn’t. “I wanted to wear the cape to support Aiden and help him feel more confident about his decisions in the future,” Riley mentioned. The idea was introduced by a facebook post written by Phillip Hall, Aidenś dad. “Aiden worked up the courage to wear his cape on a weekday to school. He was so excited!! Then we arrived and a group of kids immediately started pointing at him so he stopped and put his cape in his backpack. Yes, he is a 16 year old boy in a cape but why be mean? Even though it isn’t just blatant it is still crushing. He is told to conform to a society he doesn’t understand and finally decides to be himself. And then the door slams. Kids can be cruel without even trying.”

Riley texted his group football chat and asked the football players if they wanted to walk and wear capes with Aiden. On Monday morning, Aiden Hall wore his cape again; however, the football boys were also walking with him wearing their capes. This time, Aiden wore his cape all day. “That made me feel not alone… like I had friends around me,” Aiden said. “They were cool like me for a day.” The football players not only boosted Aiden’s confidence but inspired Phillip Hall, Aidenś dad. “They all walked into school with him. I haven’t seen him this excited in a long time. They are good kids.”

It only took a small gesture from a few students to make a difference in a classmateś life. As matter of fact, Aiden has been wearing his cape for the past week. The gesture is something that, hopefully, others will see and imitate. In a world that appears so hostile and divided, itś the little things that can make a bad day turn into a good week.

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