Monticello AR Mayor Chase Updates Residents On Water Situation

Monticello Arkansas Mayor Chase water Update: our water situation is still fluid, no pun intended. The huge leaks we thought we had may not have been huge leaks after all. A couple of smaller leaks have been identified and turned off (not affecting customers) and our levels in our tanks are rising appropriately. All water valves have been opened completely. This will cause leaks to become obvious, or we will discover there were no leaks at all, or something in between. Because of all the snow and wet ground it is almost impossible to SEE leaks. Your public works dept has walked miles and miles of water lines today looking and checking. Hopefully you will spend the rest of the evening doing what you do and there will be water in the morning. Again, we are doing everything we can do to locate and fix whatever problems arise. Please be patient and understand there is no switch to turn on or off… Thank you to all of our citizens and all our associations for your cooperation and your patience.

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