Monticello Ark High School Students Drive With Fatal Vision Googles

Photo and Story Courtesy of Arkansas State Police

Are you a perfect driver? (most people would say they are!) If so, have you ever wondered how alcohol and medications can effect your driving skills? 

Students at Monticello High School got to test out their skills last week. Troop F’s Trp. Evan Stobaugh and Monticello PD officer Wayne Wesson visited the Monticello High School health class to put them to the test. Trp. Stobaugh spoke to the class about the consequences of drinking and driving. Talking to students is always better than not talking at all…but letting them get out of the classroom and participate really drives the point home. The students got to participate in standardized field sobriety tests and drive a golf cart on a designated course – all while wearing Fatal Vision goggles. 
The Fatal Vision Goggles impair an individual’s physical abilities such as balance and equilibrium, reaction time, judgment and targeting. When a person is drinking alcohol, both their mind and body become impaired. This impairment affects their cognitive or mental state and ability to make rational choices.Because Fatal Vision Goggles do not impair a person’s cognitive state, it is sometimes difficult for those wearing the goggles to comprehend that they truly behave in this way as they perform a series of simple sobriety tests. The lesson is understood by simply reminding the participant that they are experiencing impairment with a sober mind.
Thank you to Monticello High School for allowing ASP the chance to teach your students about the risks of Impaired Driving!

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