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Monticello Arkansas PD Arrest Monticello Women Charged With Financial Identity Fraud Sentenced To 20 Years ADC

Mugshot of Miracle Deshazer courtesy of Monticello Arkansas Police Department

According to the Monticello Police Chief, Carlos Garcia, Miracle Deshazer,23, of Monticello was arrested and charged with Theft of Property and Financial Identity Fraud by the Monticello Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Department on November 28,2022.

On September 27, 2023, Deshazer was found guilty of 10 counts of Theft of Property and 7 counts of Financial Identity Fraud. Deshazer was given 20 years in ADC with an additional 10 years of SIS after release. Deshazer also is ordered to pay $58,191.15 in restitution.

Carlos Garcia, Chief of Police

Monticello Police Department

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