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Monticello Arkansas Police Department Makes Arrest In Sexual Assault At Atwoods Earns Monticello Man A $7,500 Bond

Mugshot of Karon Trotter courtesy of Drew County Arkansas Sheriff Department

According to the Monticello Chief of Police, Carlos Garcia, the Monticello Police Department dispatch received a call from Atwoods on August 3,2023 in reference to an incident. A male customer sexually assaulted an employee of Atwoods.

According to the video footage, officers were able to recognize the male as Karon Trotter, 70, of Monticello. Mr. Karon Trotter was later apprehended and arrested on August 3,2023. Mr.
Trotter was taken into custody at the Drew County Detention Facility.

Mr. Karon Trotter is charged with Sexual Assault- 2nd Degree. A first appearance was conducted and a bond was set.

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