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Monticello PD K9 Cezar Week In Review


Cezars week in review: found gun in Ashley county thrown in the woods during a pursuit (4 in custody). Manhunt in Desha county (1 in custody). 2 hour track through the woods in Monticello for fleeing suspect after breaking and entering (Cezar found him hiding under a bed). 2 felony dope arrest, approximately 4 grams meth. 1 misdemeanor arrest (marijuana, Xanax).

Total numbers:
6 felons apprehended incident free.
4 grams meth off the street.
1 firearm out of the hands of the wrong individuals.
Provided protection for 4 agencies,14 deputies and officers during the execution of search warrants and patrol duties.

Wesley is the owner of South Ark Weather, LLC which owns and operates You may contact him at

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