New Lake Monticello Trails Coming Soon With Different Phase

We are excited to present a holistic trail design for the Lake Monticello property. The possibilities are numerous with
trail facilities and activities to include the whole family.

Hello All, sorry it’s been so long since we(I) have been in contact with everyone regarding the lake trail. Wanted to update everyone about the progress of the Lake Trail Project. We have a Master Plan that includes upwards of 28 miles of trail and is about 60% complete, there is room and time for modifications. Attached you will find a draft map for the Trail System divided into construction phases. These phases are likely the order in which we will be applying for grants and pursuing funding for construction. Phase 1 includes 3 short multi-purpose loops (Pink) with natural hard-packed surface, we hope this trail will meet the needs of all Monticello residents. Phase 1 also includes a 1.2 mile Skills Course (Yellow) and a shorter inner loop that will be a Pump Track (Orange), both of these tracks are important components as they help teach bike riders new skills that will be useful on the long trails and they will be fun little courses for kids.

Next Steps: City of Monticello will be submitting a grant to the ArDOT due 1 July 2020. We are planning to apply for approximately $250,000 to fund Phase 1, of which the City will need 20% cash match ($50k). We are using a pledge sheet to generate the match money needed for this grant. All that are interested and willing to pledge/donate funds to meet this goal are welcome, please share this text and contact me directly and i’ll be happy to get you the info/form. Questions about the trail design can be directed to any of the following folks. We are working with the city to create a fund me page but have to work through legal so for now we are rolling with the pledge forms. Share away and if you know of anyone willing to donate please let us know or send them our way. With your help Lake Monticello could become a diverse, sustainable, and innovative natural recreation
destination in Arkansas!

Jeff Newton; [email protected] 870-723-4259
Brian Smith; [email protected] 870-460-5201
Doug Osborne; [email protected] 618-694-6598

Wesley is the owner of South Ark Weather, LLC™ which owns and operates You may contact him at [email protected]

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