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Off Duty Monticello Arkansas Police Officer Notified Dispatch About Dark Color SUV Driving At High Rate Of Speed Driver Arrested With Drugs

On October 21 an off duty Monticello Police Officer called Monticello Police Dispatch about a dark color SUV driving on Pope st in Monticello at high rates of speed and failing to stop at stop signs.

Monticello officers and agent of the Tenth District Drug Task force responded quickly and observed a black SUV turn onto Pope St at a high rate of speed. Monticello Police and the DTF initiated emergency blue lights and sirens and the vehicle continued to drive east on Pope St.

The vehicle failed to yield at several stop signs and turned onto N Samuel St before turning onto Calhoun St. As Monticello Police were following the vehicle, the DTF blocked the vehicle on Calhoun.

At this time the vehicle almost hit the DTF head on and then swerved around the DTF vehicle and turned onto N Gabbert St. The SUV then broke the driveshaft and rear axle and the driver was detained by DTF agent and Monticello police officers.

Korey Harrell was arrested and charged Fleeing, DWI, Driving on Suspended Driver License, and Possession of Marijuana.

On this particular night there were numerous citizens out walking in Monticello and this manor of driving by Harrell was very dangerous to the public. We are thankful no injuries or accidents occurred.

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