Officer Impersonator Reported In Union County & Ouachita County Ark

A Be On The Look Out, or BOLO, was issued by Union County and Ouachita County Sheriff Departments on July 23 regarding a man impersonating a law enforcement officer.
A Caucasian male described as “clean-cut” is reported to be driving an unmarked white car with red and white dash lights on it. The unidentified man is dressed as an officer – complete with a badge – and is armed. He has reportedly pulled over a woman in Union County and assaulted her at gunpoint.
If a person in a car that appears to belong to a law enforcement entity turns on the vehicle’s flashing lights and you are unsure about the car or officer, do not pull over. Call 911. You should slow down (to indicate you are not trying to get away, in case it is a real police officer), signal your intent to pull over – but only do so when you can find a well-lit, public place with other people around, such as a shopping mall parking lot or at the closest police station.

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