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Political Campaign Signs Not Permitted on Highway Right of Way After Cleveland County AR Residents Make Several Inquires

Candidates for political office and their supporters are reminded that it is unlawful to place campaign signs on highway right of way in Arkansas, according to Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) officials.

“There are several Arkansas statutes addressing encroachment and the placing of signs or other objects on highway right of way,” stated Lorie Tudor, ARDOT Director.

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Only official directional, informational and/or regulatory highway signs are permitted on state-owned highway property. All other signs are removed by the local Area Maintenance Office. These statutes apply to all unauthorized signs, not just political campaign signs.

Small “yard” signs that are placed on the right of way will be removed by ARDOT personnel. Owners of large “billboard” type signs will be notified and given an opportunity to remove them before ARDOT does. Owners can pick up the signs during normal business hours at the nearest ARDOT Area Maintenance Office.

“The Arkansas Department of Transportation encourages everyone to follow the right of way laws and keep the roadsides clear in order to ensure our highways are as safe as possible,” Tudor added.

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