Scammer Targets A South Ark Weather Reporter

Today one of our news reporters got a call from a scammer saying that there is a border patrol station in Dermott Arkansas which there is no Border Patrol Station in Dermott Ark.  Down below we posted the full scam report from one of our reporters did file a police report to the Drew County Arkansas Sheriff’s Department and with the Arkansas Attorney General Office, Consumer Protection. The call came from Kingston, Jamaica and it was most likely Middle Eastern Men making the call.

I just got a phone call from telephone number 876-887-9997 from a man with a clearly foreign accent telling me that his name was Mr. James Harper from Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. He told me that I had won $850,000 and a 2016 GMC Denali vehicle. He told me that the UN Prize Patrol truck would be delivering my money to me in 25 minutes or less. He then told me that he was being paged by the truck delivering my money and that he would call me back in 2 minutes. He did call me back to tell me that the truck was stopped at the Border Patrol station in Dermott but that they would be delivering my money by the end of the day. I asked him WHERE the truck was stopped and told him that we do not have a Border Patrol station in Dermott. I asked him WHY the UN was delivering money when Publisher’s Clearinghouse always does this without any government assistance and that the UN has NO AUTHORITY in the State of Arkansas. I asked him where he was calling me from and he said Arkansas. The number is from Jamaica. I already looked it up! He tried telling me that the State Marshall stopped the truck. I told him that was BS and that he was going to get no money from me. He told me, Sister, you are going to get the money. Trust God. I told him that God was the ONLY one that trust! Then this idiot told me, “Good!

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