Scammer Targets South Ark Weather Owner

Recently while checking emails a email from someone asking if we got his previous email. We did reply asking how we can help. He replied

Dear  Name Redacted ,
Firstly, I want to thank you for your prompt response to my email.  Our deceased client died with his wife and three children who are supposed to be his next of kin. 
Government Gazette notification and advertising have been performed over the past three years bringing forth no valid beneficiary to this estate, so there is nothing for you to worry about as much as claiming the estate of the deceased is concerned.
Before embarking on this project, I conducted several investigations to see that I do not jeopardize neither my job nor this transaction. Please bear in mind that if there is going to be any problem, I wouldn’t have dispatched the initial letter to you, not to think of embarking on the transaction considering my position at the bank as account manager, knowing for sure that my life entitlement (pension schemes).This is a lifetime opportunity well planned to help us better our lives, you must understand that I am here in the Bank to see that this fund in question is approved and transferred to your nominated account of choice.
Recently your name was among the findings that matched the same surname as our deceased client Mr. Horwith  Sears Carnicle hence you are contacted as the possible relative. Due to the slump in the world financial market, we need to allocate this fund without delay. Definitely I could have done this on my own, but the bottom line is I am an employee of the Bank where the fund is held, hence I am prohibited to claim the fund, as the South Africa law of Banking strictly prohibits us from having foreign accounts. This is the reason why I contacted you so that I can front you as the rightful next of kin/beneficiary of the deceased in question whereby the USD17.3 Million left in his account will be transferred to your account of choice.
I will need you to reconfirm the following information below to me so that I will be able to fill them in on my Bank database.
(1) Your names in full 
(2) Your office or residential address
(3) Occupation
 (4) Your age
(5) Cell phone and your fax numbers
Once I receive this information from you, I will fill in all your details on the Bank database as the next of kin to our late client. As soon as this is done, officials from my Bank shall contact you to advise you what needs to be done in order for them to process and release the inheritance to you.
Finally, I wish to use this medium to assure you that this project is scheduled to be completed within 10 to 14 working days if all instructions are followed up religiously. But you have to assure me that you are going to be trustworthy and honest because human behaviors can be funny at times especially when it comes to money issues. Also I wish to state that I am prepared to give you 50% of the total sum transferred to your account while the remaining 50% will be mine.
Thank you for your understanding, I await your urgent response.
Mr. Michael Stevens

Wesley is the owner of South Ark Weather, LLC which owns and operates You may contact him at

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