Owners Selma Country Store Considering Closing After 25 Years

The Holland family announced that they are Considering closing of the Selma Country Store Restaurant after serving our area for 25 years— thank you for the many years of serving excellent food and service!

Message from the owners

Up until the end of December, we have kept the doors of the Country Store Restaurant open through unprecedented times. Facing a worldwide pandemic we along with millions of other businesses were forced to adapt or close. We chose to adapt and move to a “to go” only model to keep the lights on. We remained in that “to go” only model when other restaurants opened their dining rooms because we are a small family operated restaurant that is only open two nights a week, we were simply trying to survive this pandemic. Although we have been overwhelmed by the support of our amazing customers during this trying time for everyone, we have decided we are unable to continue operating at this time. Due to the uncertainty of the times we are all living through we are unable to say when/if we will be reopening. The Country Store Restaurant has been a part of our lives for 25 years and we are saddened to make this very difficult decision. We will be eternally grateful to everyone who has walked through the doors of the Country Store as patrons and employees and will always consider everyone of you a part of our Country Store Family. We hope someday soon our doors will be open again and we will be able to come together again over some fresh bean and hush puppies. Until that day comes we at the Country Store Restaurant wish you all good health and safety and we hope to see you all again someday soon.

God Bless,
The Holland Family
The Country Store Restaurant

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