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Shekinah Services cares about the well being of small business owners. Since the pandemic, Americans have realized there are more opportunities to own your own business than ever before. The workforce has changed. There are many independent contractors, consultants, networkers, bakers, decorators, and more.  It is exciting to be your own boss, set your own time, set your vacation time, and set your play time. But, there are other responsibilities to manage. Your greatest responsibility is your CASHFLOW. Believe it or not, social media has made it easy for us to create income for our small businesses. But, with groups here and groups there, we still have not connected the dots. What happens when we make this money, but want to obtain personal or business loans? What happens when you are asked for your financial records? What happens when it is time to report your expenses to IRS? Do you know your legal deductions? Have you prepared your records to pass an audit? What business entity fits your present business status and your growth status? Hmmmm Invest in your business now. Look at your time as a investment for long term success.
Submitted is where all Press Releases, Job listing, etc go if you want to have your press releases, job listing, etc posted pleases email with a photo and description.

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