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South Chicot Rotary Club Of Lake Village Arkansas Launches First Free Little Library Project On South Chicot and Sergeant Thomas Armour, Jr. St

Attention Lake Villagers:

The South Chicot Rotary Club of Lake Village, Arkansas, has launched its very first Free Little Library Project. A Little Library is an outdoor, stand-alone, free, book-sharing box where anyone is invited to take a free book.

For now, the South Chicot Rotary Club is focusing on sharing free books with children and youth. The rotary club’s first Free Little Library Box is located at the corner of South Chicot and Sergeant Thomas Armour, Jr. streets. Since one focus of the South Chicot Rotary Club is on literacy, the club plans to install two additional free little libraries throughout the City of Lake Village.

The club welcomes any book donations to fill the libraries with books for children ages 0-18.

Additionally, in efforts to begin a New Generation Youth Rotary group and to help those in need, the South Chicot Rotary will be hosting a Free Drive-By Food Give-Away for Children and Youths on Saturday, October 24, 2020, 10:30 am at 433 N. Chicot. The club is asking all participants to wear masks as you stop by to pick up food and information about the upcoming youth rotary group.

Rotary International is an international community service organization that motivates its members to become better local, state, national and global citizens.

Consistent with its motto of engaging in “Service above Self,” The South Chicot Rotary is committed to Rotary International’s goal of bringing business owners, community leaders and other concerned citizens together to identify and address community and global needs, including but not limited to, providing humanitarian service, and advancing peace through educational efforts and acts of service.

This new rotary club is based in Lake Village and it is currently a satellite club of the Dermott Rotary Club. For more information about the South Chicot Rotary or to donate books please feel free to contact Rotary Chairperson, Demetria L. Edwards, at

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  1. Ruth Vowell says:

    Where can you donate books?

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