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Star City Area Chamber Of Commerce December “Business Spotlight” Is A Brand New Business To Star City AR – Rocky Road Cafe & Creamery


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The Star City Area Chamber Of Commerce selected their December Business Spotlight to a brand new business to Star City AR called Rocky Road Cafe & Creamery, owned and operated by Jana Cooper. Even though the business is new, Jana is a familiar face to many in Star City AR. She was born and raised in Star City AR and is married to Wesley Cooper, who owns the Village Bakery right down the road. They have 4 children – Michaela (14), Ellie (11), Isabel (9), and Asa (6). When asked how she came up with the new name (previously “The Village Sweet Shop”). She said it was a “play on words”. And it could be related to ice cream or the many country “rocky roads” that can be found in the Star City area. Jana said her dream was to own a coffee shop, but when this unique opportunity came open to buy this business, she decided to jump on it. Even though the menu is similar to the old menu at the Sweet Shop, she has added a few items including a new ice cream treat called the “Rocky Road Explosion”, a coffee float, and a new pot roast sandwich (all found on the menu in the pictures below.) They are also using bread from the Village Bakery on all of their sandwiches. As before, they will serve the homemade ice cream that many around here have come to love and they plan on serving pre-made items (casseroles, chicken salad, etc.) in the future. Jana said that she wants a good, family atmosphere in her new restaurant. She loves when friends and guest come to eat and just hang out. To help with the customer experience, she has added a new wall art of ice cream. The pictures are drawn by local school children from around the area and will be changed out monthly (seen in pictures.)

Restaurant hours are : Wednesday (11am – 5pm) and Thursday – Saturday (11:00am – 8pm).

We are so happy that Jana and her family decided to take on this new business venture and we wish them many years of success! If you haven’t tried it yet, make an effort to get by there- you won’t be disappointed!

Rocky Road Cafe & Creamery

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