Star City Ark School District Band Director Resigns

Star City Ark School District Band Director Mr.Wilkerson was made to resign form being band director of the Star City Ark School District Band due to not providing a book payment from where a person sponsored the band to go to the Chick Fla Bowl back in 2015. When the bill went to the sponsor did not want to pay the bill so it was sent to Star City Ark School District to make the full payment and the school owes $11,000 for the rings that was made for the band winning the Chick Fla Bowl. A benefit is being held in order to pay for the rings you can donate at the Star City Ark Civic Center in Star City ArkA band parent tells South Ark Daily The band went to a competition in Georgia and won the class 1A National Championship! The kids were offered bowl rings and the parents had planned to pay for them but an anonymous donor signed papers agreeing to pay. When the donor received the bill they didn’t pay and the bill was eventually sent to the school for payment. When they received the bill they told the director he could be fired or resign! He, as well as the kids, are a victim and it is an injustice to our band program and the director for him to be forced out!

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