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Star City Arkansas High School East Students Rescue Dogs

Hometown Heroes! These 3 young men (Austin Wilkerson, Ty Grayson and John Anthony Logan) were down on Bayou Bartholomew north of Yorktown doing some magnet fishing for their EAST project and heard a bark in the distance. Wasn’t long until they saw a dog coming towards them. They secured him but then heard another bark. Another dog was there but was super scared. That didn’t stop these guys. Ty Grayson waded into the bayou in his good boots and pants to save the little girl who was not happy at first but realized finally they were just trying to help. No houses around, only farmland. They could have easily just ignored them and left but these three didn’t do that. They have hearts of gold and I am extremely proud of them and I know their teacher and parents are as well. This isn’t the first dog that Ty and John Anthony have found while magnet fishing. They found a dog last year who had been missing for quite a while and we were able to reunite it with its owner who had almost given up. They have named the dogs Choco and Beth. I immediately took both dogs to the Star City animal Hospital where Dr. Ross evaluated them and as I feared, they have both had trauma to their back legs. Choco has had his left leg broken above the knee and also his right hip has been broken but both have healed. Unfortunately they didn’t heal properly and he has some problems walking. Beth also has damage to her back legs including nerve damage which is worse on the left side. He started them on medication in hopes of maybe correcting it some but it was left unattended for too long so not sure how much they will heal.

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