Statement From Clark County Ark Sheriff About The Clowns

Statement From Clark County Ark Sheriff Watson

Sheriff Watson wants to take a moment and update all of you that we have not received any confirmed sightings of someone dressed as a clown anywhere in Clark County. That applies to all areas and municipalities inside the county. Sheriff Watson has received many calls and texts from citizens that have heard we have responded to these complaints. We have not received any calls. With that being said, Sheriff Watson assure you that Sheriff Watson says there will be a ZERO TOLERANCE to this. If someone wishes to dress up and conceal their identity with the intent to scare or harass our citizens they will be arrested and transported to the sheriff’s office. Not one citizen should be or will be subjected to this act of foolishness. Again, we haven’t received any calls however, Sheriff Watson will not tolerate anyone engaging in this type of activity with the intention of causing public or personal fear to our citizens. Thank you for your continued friendship and support and the opportunity to be your sheriff!

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