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Strong Arkansas Police Chief Morgan Thanks Texarkana Arkansas Police Department For Donation Of Body Amor, Tactical Vest Carriers, Radios, 5.11 Uniforms, Duty Gear, ETC

Chief Morgan pictured with Assistant Chief Bobby Jordan, Captain James Atchley, Public Information Officer Corporal Kelly Pillgreen.

I Chief William Morgan would like to thank the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department on behalf of the Strong Police Department on their very generous donation of new body amor, tactical vest carriers, radios, 5.11 uniforms, duty gear and etc. All items are not pictured, but this equipment will help the Department provide its officers with what they need to better serve the community. Pictures were taken on 06/14/22.

I would also like to thank the Arkansas Association Of Chiefs Of Police for their membership and alowing me to be a part of something bigger then myself.

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