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Sunday Press Release From Desha County Arkansas Sheriff Grant On Saturday Homicide In Arkansas City Arkansas

On Saturday July 15th at 6:42 pm, a person in Arkansas City called 911 and advised there was a subject lying in the middle of Delta Queen Street covered in blood, with another subject standing over him holding a knife.

As deputies arrived at the scene, they discovered numerous subjects saying that the subject standing near the body had just stabbed his grandfather, who was later identified as 57 year old James Petty, of Arkansas City.

The other subject was eventually identified as his 25 year old grandson, Christopher McDaniels, who resided with his grandfather. As deputies and a Park Ranger attempted to take McDaniels into custody, he became combative and belligerent.

Tasers were deployed on McDaniels four times with no results. A deputy and Park Ranger was eventually able to tackle McDaniels and take him into custody. Petty was pronounced dead at the scene. McDaniels was transported to the McGehee City Jail.

McDaniels is likely to be charged with First Degree Murder, among numerous other offenses. The Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division will be the lead agency on the homicide investigation, with the Desha County Sheriff’s Office assisting.

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