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The Monticello Young Women Mentorship Launched On July 19 At The Great I Am Temple Church

The Monticello young women mentorship group, Level Up, was officially launched on July 19 at the Great I Am Temple Church in Monticello. The Level Up Empowerment Group is a mentorship group founded by Shanae B. Govan, a native of Crossett, Arkansas. She serves as head girls basketball coach in Crossett. She has also launched groups in Crossett, Hamburg and Oklahoma City. Her vision is to establish these empowerment groups across the country.

            Moving back home from college, Shanae realized that she wanted to impact communities on a broader scope greater than just being a basketball coach, which led her to make the decision to form a group entitled, “Level Up”.  This group is founded upon basic principles sought out to lead young ladies towards their future in gaining a greater outlook on their worth, while also realizing that they do not have to compromise to get ahead in life! 

             The Monticello group is the first 17 to 25-year-old group. And, young women older may even participate. The local coordinator is Clarissa Pace, one of the pastors of the Great I Am Temple. She said, “The first meeting was simply amazing. We created a no judgment zone atmosphere where the young ladies could pour out their hearts and they did. It is a blessing to play a small part of this vision for Shanae. She is outstanding herself.”  Clarissa added that they welcome young women from any SEARK area to participate as well.

            The Monticello Level Up Empowerment Group will meet again Thursday, August 8 at 6 pm at the Great I Am Temple, 300 N. Main Street, Monticello. Young women of all races, creed, color, and nationality are invited to participate. If you have questions or want to assist, contact Clarissa Pace at 870.460.5999 or email:[email protected].___Pictured in the chair left is Coach Shanae Govan conducting the empowerment discussion.The group picture: First participants of the launching holding and wearing our colors for the Monticello area.
Clarissa Pace Shekinah Services “Changing Lives For The Better”

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