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UAM NEWS RELEASE: Lee Elected President of Southwestern Psychological Association

Seungyeon Lee, associate professor of psychology at the University of Arkansas at Monticello (UAM), has been elected to serve a three-year term as president on the board of directors of the Southwestern Psychological Association (SWPA). 

Lee joined the UAM School of Social and Behavioral Science faculty in 2014. She earned a Doctor of Philosophy in educational psychology degree from the University of Kansas. Lee stated, “I really would like to take this opportunity to thank all who took the time to support me during the SWPA election process. It is tremendously exciting and a great honor to serve as president of students, long-term friends and esteemed colleagues. This position is not only an honor but also a chance to reflect on what psychology has meant to me throughout my career and what I can do for psychology. The opportunity to provide leadership to this field that I love so much is truly humbling.” 

Founded in 1954, the SWPA is the official American Psychological Association (APA) affiliate for the southwestern region of the United States. The region includes Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. The association’s mission statement explains, “SWPA works to promote and strengthen psychology’s scientific, professional and educational facets. SWPA prides itself on serving the psychological community by providing access to scientific advances and professional development within a collegial atmosphere.” SWPA members consist of undergraduates, graduates, faculty and distinguished fellows in the field of psychology. 

For more information, contact the UAM School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at (870) 460-1047.

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