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UAM Rodeo Team Shines at Southern Arkansas University Rodeo

4H5A1842 UAM Graysun Tice Keep 2c- Magnolia November 3, 2023- slack round

Magnolia, AR- The UAM Rodeo team is showcasing its growth and potential, delivering a
series of impressive performances at the recent Southern Arkansas University Rodeo held in
Magnolia. Under the guidance of Coach Rusty Jones, the team is demonstrating its ability to
compete at a high level and is well-positioned for a successful season.
Senior Cole Skender reinforced his reputation as a bull-riding force, securing first place in the
long round with an impressive score of 84. “I had a good bull the first round and did my job,”
Skender remarked. “I let the second one slip by me, but there’s still a lot of bull riding left in the
season, and I feel as healthy as ever.”

The men’s team also made a significant mark, tying for seventh place overall (160 points). Kody
Boatright and his roping partner, Kole Lindsey of Arkansas Tech, qualified for the short round
with a time of 11.9 seconds. Their overall performance earned them fifth place in both the short
round and the average. Boatright’s contributions added 40 valuable UAM team points. Boatrightreflected on his performance, stating, “After getting beat out in the calf roping, I just stayed faithful and trusted myself and my partner to clean it up on the back side so we can make the short round.”

Freshman Graysun Tice continued to shine in Barrel Racing, cementing her reputation as a rising star. Despite facing a talented field, Tice delivered consistent performances. She scored 16.53 inthe long round and 16.38 in the short round, resulting in an average of 32.91, securing her second place in both rounds and the average. Tice collected 150 points for UAM with her performance.

While Tice was narrowly edged out by the same competitor in both rounds, Coach Jones praised her performance, acknowledging the competitor’s talent and expressing his confidence in Tice’s ability to excel at the nationals. Tice’s current third-place standing in the Ozark Regional Standings is a testament to her skill and dedication. Said Tice, “My horse BB and I have previously excelled in prestigious events; we have qualified for the American Semi-Finals
together a few times, so I knew we could both handle the pressure. I still get nervous like I’m
sure everyone does, and I just have to remind myself that God gave me this passion for a
purpose, and all I have to do is ride like I know how to, and my horse and God will handle the
rest for me.”

Coach Jones expressed optimism about his team’s growth and potential, highlighting the
contributions of several members who stepped out of their comfort zones and excelled in
unfamiliar events. He emphasized the team’s youth and talent, stating, “We’re young, but we’re
talented. I’m extremely optimistic about where we’re headed. I have a great group of young kids
who are student-athletes. We’re going to get them lined up, and they’re going to do big things.”
With four rodeos out of ten completed, the UAM Rodeo team is on track for a promising season.
Graysun Tice’s impressive performance has placed her in third place in the Ozark Region
standings. Cole Skender’s bull riding prowess has earned him fourth place in the region’s bull
riding standings, while Cody Boatright holds seventh place in calf roping and 15th place in team

Coach Jones’s confidence in his team’s ability to send multiple riders to the college finals is well -founded. He stated, “So, we’re on track to take several kids to the college finals. We have some kids that will get fired up, and we could take a few more with us.” With the top three performers in each event qualifying for the top college finals at the end of the year, the UAM Rodeo team is well-positioned to make another appearance at the College National Finals Rodeo.

The UAM Boll Weevil rodeo team will continue onward at their next competition, scheduled for
November 16th through 18th at Murray State University in Murray, KY.

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