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UAM Social Work Program Reaffirms Accreditation Through 2029

MONTICELLO, Ark. — The Department of Social Work at the University of Arkansas at Monticello (UAM) reaffirmed its baccalaureate social work program’s accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) in November 2022. UAM’s Bachelor of Social Work program accreditation is reaffirmed through October 2029, when the department will begin the renewal process again.

Marie Jenkins, associate professor and director of the Department of Social Work at UAM, led a team in the accreditation efforts, which took several years of preparation and culminated in a self-study report in December 2021, a site visit in April 2022 and a review meeting in October 2022. 

Jenkins emphasized the importance of reaffirming accreditation, stating, “CSWE Accreditation benefits our students by allowing them to sit for the licensing exam; without a license, an individual cannot use the title ‘social worker,’ apply for a position with this title or present themselves as a social worker. Graduating from an accredited program also provides students access to apply for Advanced Standing in any accredited graduate social work program, which allows them to obtain their MSW in one year instead of two. Some employers require proof of degree from an accredited program and will also offer a higher starting salary to individuals who are licensed. By maintaining our program’s accreditation, we graduate students who meet the highest academic standards set forth by CSWE and have the knowledge, values and skills to be ethical, competent and professional practitioners of social work.”

Dr. Clinton Young, dean of the UAM School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, said, “I’m very proud of our Social Work faculty and staff, who worked extremely hard to make sure that the accreditation process ran as smoothly as it could have. Given the increasing demand for licensed social workers, the UAM Social Work program plays a vital role in helping the people of Southeast Arkansas lead better, healthier and happier lives—and accreditation means our graduates will be able to continue helping their community.”

The Department of Social Work at UAM offers a four-year curriculum of study leading to a Bachelor of Social Work degree accredited by CSWE. The social work program is designed to prepare generalist social work practitioners to work in a variety of areas including child, adolescent and family services; health care; mental health care; criminal justice settings; geriatrics; substance abuse services; and social service organizations in the community.

For more information about the Social Work program or how to apply, contact the UAM School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at 870-460-1047.

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