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Today I got a special package in a mail from a Health Company called Lakibole that wanted me to do a review. In the Amazon box was a 32 oz measured Water Bottle that was blue. The bottle came with a belt clip and a cleaning brush to clean the bottle also it came with a fruit infuser to make the water taste healthier and also a carrying strap to carry it. On the side of the bottle it had the times and how much the bottle can hold up to 32 oz of water once it got down to the bottom it was time to refill it with more water. When I took a drink of the water a little noise came from a small hole in the lid just like the Cirkul Water Bottle. The cons of it makes sure you know when you need to refill the bottle with water or your healthy item. The dislikes are none the bottle is amazing and it helps you keep up with how much water and when to refill it. The likes are that it is blue and the text is big and bold to be able to read and see. The feel of the bottle is smooth and easy to hold when it is filled up to the top. To purchase this amazing water bottle

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