Wichita Kansas Police Department Police Officer Brown Does Cha Cha Slide – Video

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[jwplayer atrwGCXD]


Tonight the #blacklivesmatter movement planned on having another protest, but instead agreed to cohost a “first steps” BBQ with the Wichita Police Department. The community got together and had open/honest discussion between it’s citizens and law enforcement. Hard questions were asked and Chief Ramsay did an exceptional job of being vulnerable and willing to listen with an open heart and mind. We are on the road to real, life giving solutions. We are breaking down barriers. We downed over 2,000 hamburgers and hot dogs, built relationships, laughed, cried, and danced. This is what humanity was designed to do. Work together, love each other and live in COMMUNITY. Could you imagine the history that would be made if the rest of our nation followed this example?? #WICHITAPROUD

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