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Wilmar Arkansas Women Charged With Battery 1st Degree & Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree Plus 1st Degree Manslaughter Warrant From Hamilton County Florida

On May 19, 2022 Drew County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to Knight Ave in Wilmar Arkansas in reference to an individual being struck by a vehicle driven by Shaquile
Robinson of Wilmar, AR. Witnesses at the scene told deputies Robinson arrived at
the residence and after a brief verbal exchange with others present Robinson began
ramming another vehicle which was parked at the residence. Witnesses stated
Robinson then drove her vehicle toward the residence hitting the victim as she
struck the residence. Robinson then left the area. While deputies were on scene
Robinson drove by the residence. Deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop but
Robinson refused to stop until she arrived at her residence. Robinson was taken into
custody at that time. The victim suffered a broken leg and remains in the hospital.
Shaquila Robinson was charged with Battery 1** degree, Criminal Mischief 2’d
degree and fleeing. Robinson appeared before Judge Robert Gibson for a first
appearance and her bond was set at $500,000.00 commercial bond. Robinson also
has an arrest warrant in Hamilton County, Florida for Manslaughter 1 degree.
Robinson’s bond in that case is $200,000.00. According to an affadavit filed in the
Florida case a grand jury indicted Robinson alleging on or about October 15, 2018
Robinson did stab Andre Robinson, in the leg with a knife, resulting in his death.

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