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10th DTF, USPS Postal Inspector Stop Package With 1lb Of Suspected Fentanyl Pills Going To Crossett AR

On February 19, 2024, agents of the Tenth District Drug Task Force received a call from the USPS postal inspector in Little Rock in concerns to a package intercepted that was going to Crossett Arkansas. The package contained approximately 1 lb of suspected Fentanyl pills.

Agents of the DTF along with officers of Ashley County Sheriff Department and ACC Probation and Parole went to the suspecting address and eventually located the suspected receiver of the package. During the investigation agents located 2 bags of suspected Fentanyl, fake identification cards, an illegal rifle, and a Corvette stolen out of Texas.

Arrested was Dominick Williams of Crossett/Conway on the charges of Trafficking Fentanyl, Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearm, Possess of Firearm by Certain Person, and Theft by Receiving over $25,000. Agents later received the packages of suspected Fentanyl and estimated to be approximately 5000 pills.

The war against illegal drugs and the upcoming danger of Fentanyl in our area is getting out of control. All law enforcement departments in the 10th district beg for any and all help and cooperation from the public to stop the sales of illegal drugs.

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