Commercial Bank and First State Bank to Join Together to Benefit Customers






Commercial Bank & Trust is proud to announce a strategic initiative to unify sister bank, First State Bank of Warren, into the Commercial Bank operation effective June 24, 2024. Given the proximity of locations, unifying as one bank under the Commercial Bank charter will aid customer access and convenience. Customers will have access to a total of eight banking offices and nine ATMs in the southeast Arkansas communities of Monticello, Warren, Hermitage and Hampton.

Both Banks were purchased by Bennie Ryburn, Sr., more than 50-years ago, and have operated as separate and distinct banks since that time. Todd Smith, president of Commercial Bank and First State Bank of Warren was asked about the reason for the change and described it this way, ‘Joining the two banks together will remove back-office redundancies and allow us to offer greater convenience, and better products and services such as enhanced technology for customers. It will also allow our staff to spend more time with customers and less on administrative duties that act as a barrier to service. It’s a win-win for the communities we serve because no staffing, philanthropic-giving or community development will be reduced. We will eliminate the structural red tape of operating with two names.’

The Bank will convert its computer systems in mid-June, and open June 24, 2024, as a combined institution. Customers will be able to do business at any of the Bank’s eight offices and nine ATMs effective June 24, 2024.  “Unifying our banks under a common name and charter allows us to leverage our strengths as we continue to invest in our employees, our customers, and the communities we serve,” stated Bennie Ryburn, III, Chairman and CEO. “Operating as one bank will be a game-changer for customers on day one while we focus on the things that set us apart, 1) local bankers making local decisions, 2) investing in our relationship-based model to satisfy customer needs, and 3) actively serving the Southeast Arkansas communities we call home. After all, we live here, and succeed when you succeed.”

Both First State Bank and Commercial Bank customers should continue using their existing deposit accounts, loans, debit cards, and digital services. First State Bank will notify customers in writing with any updates regarding the re-brand to Commercial Bank.

The Banks websites have links at and to answer FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). 

First State Bank executive Hugh Allen Quimby stated he is excited that customers of both Banks will have double the number of locations and ATMs to use. Mr. Quimby added, ‘Bennie Ryburn, Sr., was all about customer convenience. That’s why he bought the banks in the first place. He’d be pleased to know local people still have a local bank designed with them in mind.’

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