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UAM Launches College Jumpstart Program, Offers Housing Scholarships

The University of Arkansas at Monticello (UAM) will launch the Weevil Jumpstart Program for first-time freshmen in July 2024. Eligible students who enroll in six credit hours during Summer Session II will receive a full campus housing scholarship through the program. Classes will run from July 1 through July 31.

The Weevil Jumpstart Program is open to incoming first-time freshmen who have been admitted to UAM for the 2024-2025 academic year.

The program will aid incoming students in their transition to college life. By offering a comprehensive array of activities and workshops tailored to students’ specific needs, the program is focused on both academic excellence and personal development. 

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in academic enrichment activities to strengthen foundational skills in key subject areas; receive personalized advising and support to develop academic goals and create a roadmap for success; connect with faculty, staff and peers through mentorship opportunities and group activities; gain valuable insights into campus resources, support services and extracurricular opportunities; and cultivate essential life skills, such as time management, study techniques and effective communication.

Students in the Weevil Jumpstart Program will earn six hours of college credit, be part of an exclusive residential living and learning community, attend small classes, participate in academic skills workshops and develop leadership skills.

Jessica Foxworth, associate vice chancellor for Student Engagement and dean of students at UAM, stated, “The Weevil Jumpstart Program represents the university’s ongoing commitment to empowering students to achieve their full potential while fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion on campus. We recognize the importance of providing incoming students with a smooth and successful transition to college life. This an excellent opportunity for students to jumpstart their college journey and lay the foundation for a successful and fulfilling academic experience at the University of Arkansas at Monticello.”

Interested prospective students should visit the Weevil Jumpstart Program webpage for details and a link to apply. For additional information, contact Jessica Foxworth at

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