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UAM Partners With SEACAC To Train Nurses

On April 9, a planning meeting was held at UAM in which members of SEACAC, EOMC and UAM gathered to discuss the details of the new partnership between SEACAC and UAM.

MONTICELLO, Ark. — The University of Arkansas at Monticello (UAM) and the Southeast Arkansas Community Action Corporation (SEACAC) have announced a partnership to train certified nurse assistants (CNAs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs) using grant funds awarded to SEACAC through the Delta Regional Authority.

The partnership aims to increase admission numbers to the UAM Colleges of Technology CNA and LPN programs and the UAM School of Nursing Associate of Applied Science RN program. Additional objectives are to raise the attainment rates of skilled nurses by 24 certified nursing assistants each semester and to increase the retention of skilled nurses by 15%.

The program begins in May 2024 and ends in May 2025. It will fund scholarships for tuition and fees and course materials and supplies for 24 students in the CNA program, three $1,000 scholarships per College of Technology for students in the LPN program and six $1,000 scholarships for students in the AASN program. Certain eligibility criteria must be met in order to qualify for the scholarships.

Crystal Halley, vice chancellor for Academic Affairs at UAM, stated, “This partnership fills critical needs in southeast Arkansas and aligns perfectly with the vision and mission of UAM. We appreciate this opportunity to serve our region as afforded by SEACAC and the Delta Regional Authority.”

“SEACAC’s mission challenges our agency to assist those who are disadvantaged to advance toward self-sufficiency. We are fortunate to have UAM and its technical campuses in our communities. The quality of education offered by UAM assures the success of this endeavor,” Michael Jones, executive director of SEACAC, said.

“Effective Organization Management Consultant (EOMC), in collaboration with SEACAC, is dedicated to fostering the success of this program by not only being a support system for the partners involved but also promoting job creation and retention for the students they serve. We believe that the healthcare industry deserves individuals who are highly skilled, motivated and committed to making a positive impact on others’ lives,” said Dr. Lupita Roy-Rasheed, CEO and founder of EOMC.

Dr. Peggy Doss, chancellor of UAM, expressed her gratitude for the new partnership with SEACAC, stating, “Thank you to SEACAC for their valuable partnership and their grant funds from the Delta Regional Authority to train UAM nursing students. It is crucial to have skilled nurses to meet the workforce needs of the region and Arkansas, and we are grateful for SEACAC’s support of the UAM School of Nursing and the nursing programs at the UAM Colleges of Technology in Crossett and McGehee.”

For more information or to complete an application, visit SEACAC’s Nursing Program webpage.

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