Cee Lo Green Thank You Music Video Tribute for Volunteer Firefighters

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3 THV11 News Reporters On 2015 News Bloopers

Recently we was watching some News Bloopers on Youtube and came across 3 of our friends from THV 11 on the 2015 News Bloopers.

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Oxford Mississippi Walmart Cupid Shuffle

A Walmart in Oxford Mississippi did the “Cupid Shuffle” on a Sunday May 24th 2015 night the video which is posted to Facebook has been viewed over 3,216,025 on Facebook and they also did “The Wobble”

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Review Of Beyonce Formation Music Video

Recently Beyonce did a music video for her new song called “Formation” where a New Orleans Police Car was in water and where police stood with their hands up in the air. Now most music videos have a director and a producer and still photography. The image above is a cop car in water but first you have to think is that really just something green screened into the music video.Now there is a word that say’s stop shooting us when the cops stand with their hands up. But the song is good to listen to but there are some words that we will not post due to we respect parents rights and we will not embed the video to this post.


Tenn. sheriff blames Beyonce’s anti-cop song for drive-by outside home, LODDs

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Sunset in Monticello Arkansas on Tuesday

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New Member To KARK 4 Today


The newest member of the team at Little Rock NBC affiliate KARK-TV may not be out reporting on the day’s top stories but has found a home in news.

Recently our friends at KARK 4 Today welcomed a new member to the morning team Shade

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Search For Barry Harmon 1/30/16

The search for missing person Barry Harmon of Monticello, Arkansas has been scheduled.

So sorry it’s been a while getting this together, but I am happy to report it looks like everything is coming together for a possible search next Saturday – January 30 — weather in 60s and dry, they have canine teams available, ATVs available, and working on getting more ground troops..

We need volunteers to help with the search, let us know if you can help please!!



A search group called Bridge The Gap has offered the Harmon family enough people to search for Barry Harmon who has been missing for over a year now. The search is sechulde to start between 8 – 10 am.

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Early Morning Accidental House Fire on East Jackson Street

12439079_10208434042071523_2262472755004229083_nAn Early Morning fire on East Jackson Street in Monticello was an accidental fire, Fire Officals say none was injured from the blaze and they don’t know the cause of the fire yet.

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Hello world!

South Ark Weather was introduced to the web on June 20, 2013. We’re excited to be able to service our community and southeast Arkansas with a comprehensive website that will enable better communication between members of our community, city, schools, and businesses. The unique approach of South Ark Weather allows any registered user (and you can register for free!) to post information, comment, and respond. In this fashion, South Ark Weather will truly be a place for instant news, feedback, and information. We hope you’ll take advantage of South Ark Weather for the latest in news, communication, and information.

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