City Of Monticello To Strip Following Streets Friday & Saturday Starting At 10 am


THIS Friday and Saturday – March 29 & 30th, beginning around 10 a.m. the City of Monticello will be striping the following streets:

OLD WARREN ROAD- from 425 to Scogin Drive

POPE STREET- from Hyatt to Cooper

EAST BOLLING- from Main to Speer

WEST BOLLING- from Main Street to 425

OAKLAND- from Gabbert to Winchester

COOPER STREET- from Oakland to Calhoun

SOUTH HYATT- from Gaines to West Bolling Street

We apologize for any inconveniences or reedirecting of traffic that may occur.

The paint used for these projects is fast drying, usually drying and curing within 10 minutes after being sprayed.

Submitted is where all Press Releases, Job listing, etc go if you want to have your press releases, job listing, etc posted pleases email with a photo and description.

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