City Of Monticello Removes Decades Old Rotted Drainage Pipe

Hey Monticello! If you’re wondering what’s going on at McCloy Park, today City Street crews began removing decades old rotted drainage pipes today on Henley Drive.

The old drainage pipes have caused water backups for years near the large playground equipment. The decayed piping running under Henley Drive caused road sinkage that would have eventually led to the road partially collapsing into the void left by the rotted pipe.

The collapsed pipe only allowed a minimal amount of water to leave the park after heavy rainfall, which in turn saturated and muddied the area near the playground.

As part of the cities organizational structure plan implemented this year, Parks along with Streets & Drainage crews worked together to identify the collapsed section and formulate a plan to tie in new pipe. The section currently filled with rock will be filled with asphalt and one more long overdue drainage problem will be fixed.

Thank you for your patience while the road was closed!

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